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Dr. Fleeter,

We don’t know how to express our sincere appreciation for what you’ve done to my mom. You are the best doctor. Again, please accept our deep gratitude to you.

Wishing you good health and good luck!


Dr. Fleeter,

Just a quick note of thanks. I know you worked a miracle to get me into surgery so soon. I also know that you gave me the best chance that I could have at our son’s wedding in Vegas.

Thanks and more thanks for everything!


Dr. Fleeter,

This card is a bit late, but I wanted to thank you for all your great efforts and getting my knee replaced this past summer.

I’m in total awe of your surgical skills and your “bedside manner” couldn’t have been more helpful or comforting over the last few months.

I’m now totally pain free and the “bad” knee is now stronger then the good knee. It still isn’t giving me the extra 10 yards off the tee, but I’ll take it.

Again, many, many thanks!

Dr. Fleeter,

I have and will always remember your compassion, caring. You are an awesome and incredible surgeon. Your commitment and care far exceed my expectations. Thank you for being you.


Dr. Fleeter,

Thanks for all you have done for me this past year. You are truly an amazing doctor.


Dr. Fleeter,

You must have done a letter perfect job on my wife’s knees. She uses a wide stride with her walker and does very well on our steps. Everyone who saw her walk, just six days after surgery, promptly asked who her surgeon was. Today is her birthday, and we both want to thank you for a brand new pair of knees that work perfectly.


Dr. Fleeter,

Thanks to my two new hip replacements I climbed a 13,000 foot peak.


Dr. Fleeter,

I truly appreciate both your skill as a surgeon and your sensitivity and kindness. You have gotten me through a lot over the past several years and we appreciate you.

J. and A.

Dr. Fleeter,

I’m sure I had the best surgeon for knee replacement, and I am grateful for your superior skills with the procedure. In appreciation for your expertise and support.



Dr. Fleeter,

A note to say thank you!! I will always be grateful to you for rescheduling my shoulder surgery so quickly. It’s been six days since any surgery and already I’m realizing that the extreme pain is gone. Again, I will be forever grateful for your care, concern, and for your quick actions on my behalf.

Thank You!


Dr. Fleeter,

Thank you so, so much for your ever present care and concern for my mother, sister, and aunt. We all feel that you are a great healer of people!

S. Family

Dear Dr. Fleeter:

Once again I am writing you a thank you note.

I have relied on you for years to “fix” me; Hand, heel, elbow, both knees, and so on. You always have. I have complete and total trust in you, and it is justified. Every time you have treated me my pain level has decreased and my quality on life has increased. Thank you.

Now, fast forward to my daughter. You fixed her knee once, you helped identify her digestive problem, which has made a tremendous difference in her young life, and just a few weeks ago you saw her to diagnose her knee yet again. This time, since her insurance was not valid, you made us a gift of your time and skill. For that I can only say “Thank You” and assure you that we will be eternally grateful.

At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I am so very fortunate to be under the care of a phenomenal surgeon, doctor, and lovely human being.




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